Software development

General programming

Nov 2014 - Present

Since late 2014, I have developed a strong passion for programming. Starting with Scratch and gradually working my way upwards, I now have significant experience from over the years with:

Web development

Dec 2015 - Present

Having designed and maintained with the use of Wix from a very young age, I am currently exploring web development with ASP.NET.

I recently undertook the ASP.NET Core MVC - Up and Running Part 1 (.NET 5) course. This course has led me to discover my passion for website and web app development and its importance in stable applications. The course was focused around creating a web application for processing paving enquiries and I believe I can use what I have learnt to create my very own system of some sort in the near future.

I also undertook the ASP.NET Core MVC - Up and Running Part 2 (.NET 5) course, which furthered my understanding of ASP.NET Core and gave me a stronger insight into creating web applications.


Having collated these skills with ASP.NET, I coded my joint 'King's Certificate' UX design project using the framework. I also made use of Bootstrap 5 to create a professional look.

Mobile development

Nov 2020 - Present

During the second national lockdown, I took the opportunity to complete The Complete Xamarin Developer Course. This has introduced me to the world of application development, and more importantly, cross-platform application development. Xamarin lets me utilise my knowledge of C# to create mobile applications for Android, UWP, iOS, macOS, watchOS and macOS. I have also furthered my understanding of the use of git (and Github) and Microsoft's App Center to build, test and distribute applications.

I also undertook The Advanced Xamarin Developer Masterclass to build on to the basics I have learnt and prepare myself for more advanced application development. I thoroughly enjoyed the content of this course and I look forward to continuing to use what I have learnt to contribute to the world of technology.


Using the skills I gained from these courses, I created and published my first application in February 2021: Electrical Listbuilder. I built this using Xamarin (mainly Xamarin.Forms but subject to some operating system-specific functionality) and it works on Android, iOS, iPadOS and macOS Big Sur (Apple Silicon). The functionality of this application was inspired by my work experience as an Electrical Installer.