Maths Challenge

Oct 2015 - Present

I take pride in having taken part and succeeded in the junior, senior and intermediate maths challenges every year since 2015.

British Physics Olympiad

Mar 2021

I am immensely content with achieving a Silver Award in the British Physics Olympiad. Taking part in the Senior Physics Challenge was an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Football (Gold)

Mar 2018

I am honoured to join Brentham Colts F.C. in celebrating a final team victory as a player before training to become a referee.

Jack Petchey Award

June 2017

When I was in Year 8, I was nominated by my secondary school for the Jack Petchey Award.
I took the privilege of meeting Chief Superintendent Raj Singh Kholi to receive my medal.

Certificates of Achievement (Colours)

Jul 2016 - Dec 2019

At Gunnersbury, I received the following certificates of achievement, each corresponding to a coloured badge on one's blazer:

Foundation colours

  • Mathematics Academic
  • Science Academic
  • French Academic
  • History Academic
  • Religious Studies Academic
  • Design & Technology Academic
  • Computer Science Academic
  • The Arts Extra-curricular
  • Citizenship Extra-curricular
  • Literacy Extra-curricular

Junior colours

  • Mathematics Academic
  • English Academic
  • Science Academic
  • Computer Science Academic
  • Computer Science
    New Academic
  • Design & Technology Academic